• Image of Embodiment

Mantra + visual meditation + poem
Acrylic, ink, gold leaf, dried plants, wax, hibiscus and wildflower essences on A3 bamboo paper

✨Stand tall as if
your bones are that of giants’
while retaining a quiet, radiant heart.
See yourself in others,
without ingesting their pain
know what is exactly within your domain.
Respect free will,
be moved by your own unique spirit
while knowing you’re at One with all
underneath impermanent forms.
Finally created a piece inspired by this poem/cosmic download. The words came through fully formed one afternoon, in an unbelievable moment of clarity, and I'm still grateful for its moment-to-moment guidance. This painting was equally surprising in terms of where it led me. To me, Manuka is fiery, bold and feisty, as well as generous and versatile. It represents both the earth and fire elements, being adapted to the extreme conditions of forest fires. 💫
May this piece mirror your own resilience, integrity, radiance and magnificence.