• Image of Musings under the Super Moon

Mantra + Medicine Wheel + Affirmation + Cosmic Mirror
Acrylic, citrine crystal, dried plants, ink and essences on A3 bamboo paper


And in this moment I see that this world’s diversity that includes destruction, polarity and suffering is the very essence that’s needed to breed variety. It’s this tension of contrasts that fuels creativity. The very limitations of our form-worlds is the dance of Consciousness on what-if perspectives; the clashing of fragments birthing its very expansion. 🍃
I see it in the violets before me, collectively similar yet individually unique. I see it in the flock of birds and the cows in the distance, beings who couldn’t be more different in their constitution yet perfect in their own disposition. Why then do we hate those who are unlike us? We all have our part to play –– the cow doesn’t correct the swallow for its refusal to graze. The oak doesn’t judge the daffodils’ size and delicacy. If we are for those who resonate with our harmony, to engage in symbiosis through our propensities, why do we chastise those who have their own domains to enrich? Why do we appease our uncertainties by making them wrong for holding a view we can’t fathom? Are we not part of this Earth’s variety enriching the whole? Can’t we just flow with our inner being like that swallow up on that oak?